Choosing a vendor for your self storage door needs is a big decision! You want a company that has both experience and innovation, and that’s where Safari Garage Door and Gate comes in..

Self Storage Door

Mini Storage Door

The Janus Model 650 Mini Storage Door is designed and manufactured with durability, quick installation and ease of maintenance in mind. Features standard to this door eliminate the need for extra options or upgrades.

Our roll up doors and commercial roll up doors are special because they are made of good quality components. Delivering a high quality, cost effective product is our standard and that is just why our units have been chosen by many companies, small and large. 

Door Springs

  • Coated with grease during production, which prevents rust and corrosion
  • Enclosed in a tube for lifetime protection
  • Provide for smooth door operation

Ratchet Tensioning Device

  • Allows for simplified spring tensioning
  • Tensions all springs at once
  • Requires no pins to hold the tension on the spring

Radial Ball Bearings

  • Provided at no additional cost
  • Permanently lubricated
  • Require virtually no maintenance

Dead Axle and Torque Tube Assembly

  • Tube housing protects springs and strengthens the axle
  • Eliminates axle push and shift that a live axle would create
  • Allows for springs to be tuned all at the same time

Commercial sheet door

In addition to a wide selection of models and paint color options, our commercial doors are also known for being a quick and easy install project. You can wave goodbye to tedious instructions, heavy materials and lengthy installation processes! If you’re not in a position to install the doors yourself, we can also coordinate skilled install teams to get your project up and going in on time.

Commercial Roll Up Door Model 1000 / 1000i

The Janus International Model 1000 commercial sheet metal door is easy to install and provides tremendous value. Many components are pre-assembled and are made of high quality materials. Brackets, gears, chains, and a tensioner are all in place which makes this door a solid investment for commercial or industrial applications.

  • A drum wheel that is 9 ½” in diameter
  • Maximum opening size of 12’ wide by 14’ high (168 sq.ft.)
  • A reduced, right hand only chain hoist
  • Push-up, hand chain and internal electric operations

Commercial Roll Up Doors Model 1950 / 1950i

The Janus International Model 1950 commercial roll up doors elevate industry standards. Our door is manufactured with a 26 gauge corrugated door curtain, which is coated with Super Durable polyester paint. This paint comes with a 40 year film and a 30 year no-fade limited warranty. The Model 1950 series steel roll up doors feature innovative components that make it more versatile, flexible and easier to install and service in a variety of field applications. Other general and specific features of the 1950 commercial door include:

  • Push-up, hand chain and internal electric operations
  • Utilizes 9 ½” diameter drum wheel
  • Light duty applications for frequent usage
  • Maximum opening size of 12’ wide x 14’ high (168 sq.ft.)

Commercial Roll Up Door Model 2000 / 2000i

The Model 2000 commercial steel roll up door is one of our highest selling doors. Sold with a one year warranty, it is built with superior materials that will provide individuals with years of service. General and specific features of the door are as follows:

  • A 12” drum wheel
  • Push-up, hand chain and electric operations
  • Maximum opening size of 12’ wide x 16’ high (192 sq.ft.)

Commercial Roll Up Door Model 2500 / 2500i

The heavy duty Model 2500 door has become the standard of all commercial sheet doors. Backed by a one year warranty, we manufacture each door with high quality materials that will last for years. The features and general specifications of the 2500 door make it versatile and easy to install. Find each of these below:

  • Utilizes 12” drum wheel
  • Maximum opening size of 18’ wide x 18’ high (324 sq.ft.)
  • Push-up, hand chain and electric operations


If you’re looking for a DC motor operator for your new Janus commercial doors, we’ve got you covered! Our Pantheon Commercial/Industrial electric door operator is a unique new technology that brings your operation game to the next level. Featuring a simple floor level manual release system, soft start and soft stop operation, the electronic limits of the operator can be controlled in just 3 easy steps as well. No moving switches or adjusting cams required.