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We are a professional and knowledgeable garage door company here in Phoenix, Arizona that will fix your garage door at a reasonable price. Whether your garage door requires a service or repair, our technicians will be able to help you with an affordable price and excellent services

Our garage door repair and services:

  • Garage door spring repair 
  • Off tracks garage doors 
  • Garage door panel replacement
  • Broken cable replacement 
  • Garage door rollers replacement
  • Garage door broken drum replacement 
  • Garage door tune-up
  • Garage door weather striping
  • Garage door sensor alignment 
  • Garage door opener repair

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There are problems that can possibly affect your garage door performance such as an unbalanced door or cracks on hinges or even panels that can cause a breakdown on your door in the future. Other problems can cause your door to not move such as broken springs or garage doors off the tracks.

If you need garage door repair or replacement, we offer you products from all of the top quality brands and hardware to meet all home styles and budgets.

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At Safari Garage Door, we know a broken garage can interfere with your life. That is why we offer the most service and repair for your convenience.

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Garage Door Spring

The springs on your garage door are the most important components of your garage door because it carries the weight of the door up and down. You should lift your door easily when your spring is winded well and the door is balanced. Most residential garage doors have one of two types of springs: torsion or extension.

Torsion springs

Torsion springs are mounted on the top of the garage door in header and the shaft runs through drums that are attached to the cables. These springs are loaded, or tensioned, with a winding action.

Extension spring

Extension springs are normally found in the upper, horizontal tracks on each side of the garage door. To open the garage door, the springs are extended, creating a counterbalance which supports the garage door.

The most common garage door springs are called a torsion spring.

A torsion spring comes in various lengths and sizes, and the spring you use is determined by the weight and size of the garage door also and the radius of the garage door track and size of the drum.

The replacement of broken garage door springs is a complicated task that can be dangerous and cause serious injury. Please do not do it yourself without the proper expertise and tools! Contact Safari Garage Door and Gate today for a professional replacement of your garage door springs. We have the most variety of spring sizes with technicians that will replace the broken spring by the same size on the same day.

Garage door rollers replacement

Off tracks garage doors

A garage door could come off its tracks and hit the ground for a number of reasons. A common problem with automatic overhead garage doors is that the garage door gets off track due to an unlevel door or door hitting an object while it moves. Call us for any emergency garage door repair when garage doors come off their tracks, they can be dangerous and can cause serious injuries.

There could be a number of reasons why your garage door is off track.

  • One or two rollers wear out and break

If one or two of your garage door rolles break due to normal operation, this could put additional stress on the other rollers because the door gets unbalanced and will get off the tracks eventually. This also will cause other rollers to break as well.

  • One object on the way on the door

This is a fairly rare occurrence but it could happen, especially when there is an object such as a broom, golf clubs or mop getting in the track on the doorway. Once the door is closed, it will hit the broom and the door will get misaligned, the cable won’t round correctly in the drum, may come off drums and cause the door to be sucked on its way down.

  • Tracks Are Loose or misshapen

Check to see if the tracks are anchored well to your garage’s jams and ceiling. The tracks guide the door to go up and down and the detached trucks from the garage walls or ceiling or bent tracks are a common cause of a garage door failing to function normally and getting off track.

  • One of the lift cable broke

When one of the lift cables breaks, all the weight of the door will transfer to one side. Only one cable carries the weight of the door and door will be unbalanced. It usually causes one side of the door to be held up by the other side is free and the door will be sucked or get off the tracks. Please don’t hesitate and call us for your service.

Garage door panel replacement

Garage door panel replacement

Cracked or bent panels can be replaced. Most commonly it is the top section or the bottom section that Initially gets damaged. Sometimes it may just be more economical to replace the garage door panel instead of the whole garage door. In order to do so, we have to get the panel from the same manufacturer. There are a lot of garage door brands and designs, please let us determine the manufacturing and the model for you. We have several brands of garage doors to choose from. The most common garage door brands are listed below. 


Garage door tune-up

An average garage door will have more than one thousand cycles of use in a year, each up and down the garage door goes is one cycle.  A regular annual garage door tune-up and maintenance helps your garage door run smoothly and quietly and it operates safe and reliable. In addition, it keeps the door in reliable performance, durability and prevents unwanted repair costs.  Tuning up the garage door is the best way to catch potential damage and avoid unforbidden expenses. The most needed tune up garage door is when the door is unbalanced and tents to drop down or it flys on its own it will burn out your garage door opener and you need to adjust the tension on the spring. You also need to tune up your garage door if you hear unusual noises such as squeezing, scraping or grinding. We will tune-up your door and opener and will check all parts like hinges, rollers, drums, end bearing plates, tracks, pales and springs to make sure you are treated professionally.

Broken cable replacement

Broken cable replacement

Garage door cables are one of the most important components of the garage door. If the cable of the garage door breaks, it will add door weight on the other, eventually the door gets unbalanced, not working and the garage door may go off track. There are several different cables at different sizes and thickness depending on the door and manufacturing. These cables are attached to the bottom brackets and run through drums, carrying the tension from spring to lift the door. Please do not attempt to detach the cable from the bottom bracket or cut it off, since the door will drop down and cause damage or serious injury. We are a call away to replace your garage door cable with the right size and length.

Garage Door Rollers Replacement

Garage Door Rollers Replacement

There are three materials that are commonly used for garage door rollers: plastic, steel and nylon. Plastic rollers: are found in some of the cheaper new construction builds or wherever the contractors wanted to save a bit of money. They’re normally black in color and have no need for lubrication. Steel rollers: are much more durable and require regular lubrication. If they are well maintained and lubricated, they’ll go the last longest roller. However they are loud, the steel roller runs along a steel track and makes a lot of noise. Nylon rollers: If you upgrade your garage door roller the nylon rollers are the vise choice. Nylon garage door rollers are quieter than steel rollers and much more durable than plastic rollers. We use Nylon rollers for all new garage doors and/or replace the rollers.

Garage door broken drum replacement

Garage door broken drum replacement

Garage door drums design for easier lifting and lowering of the garage door. They are located on the shaft of the torsion springs and next to the bearing plates on each end of the spring bar. The cables wind around the drums and are attached to the bottom bracket on the bottom garage door section. While the spring provides the counterbalance to open the garage door, the cables will be fed around the drums due to opening and closing cycles. Garage door drums should be replaced if there are signs of damage like cracks, pieces of the drum is broken or if the drum appears to be deform. There are many different sizes of the drums, we are here to replace the drum with the correct size.

Garage door weather striping replacement

Garage door weather striping replacement

The garage door bottom seal (or weather seal) is a long strip of rubber that attaches to the bottom edge of the bottom panel of the garage door. It is made out of flexible material that is depressed once the door is in close position, sealing the gap along the floor to keep out insects, water, dirt, cold breezes, and unwanted light coming into the garage through under the door. Weatherstripping protects the interior of your garage from flooding on rainy days in addition to improving the overall insulation of your home. It keeps cool air inside your home and keeps cold breeze and rain out. Well will replace the bottom seal for you to protect your home from outside weather and keep your garage free of leaves, dust and rain.

Garage door sensor

Garage door sensor alignment

The garage door safety eye ( or photo eye), is the most important safety element on the garage door. It is a device that detects objects in the path of the door while the opener is closing the garage door. It prevents the garage door hitting your family member or your pets by stopping the garage door coming down and it reverses the garage door back open. They are mounted one each side of the garage door not more than 6in above the floor. The indicator LED lights on both of the sensors must be solid. The opener will note close the door till you have the solid lights. One of the sinding sensors and the other is the receiving sensor. If the LED light on the receiving sensor is not solid, blinking or has no light, you may need to align the sensors to make sure that they are faced to each other ( seeing each other) in order to have the solid light back on. If the light on the sinding receiver is off, you need to check the weir connectivity. Let us be your local company to align them for you. Weatherstripping protects the interior of your garage from flooding on rainy days in addition to improving the overall insulation of your home. It keeps cool air inside your home and keeps cold breeze and rain out. Well will replace the bottom seal for you to protect your home from outside weather and keep your garage free of leaves, dust and rain.